He Aronga Mihinare / Statement of Mission

To uphold, enhance, and restore Te Tapu o Te Tangata.

Tapu recognises the God-given sanctity of creation and humanity; Tapu creates the space for health and healing; and, God is the source of tapu and life.

He Tikanga Mihinare / Framework for Mission

Ngā Puna Mihinare enables us to draw on the wellsprings of our heritage and faith–of prayer, truth, hope, and love–to focus our mission during this COVID-19 pandemic: refocusing our mission to enable effective ministry to our people; providing a framework for supporting action across the Anglican Church in Aotearoa-NZ; and, helping us to understand our role collectively, and our people to understand what we offer.

Who we are

Ngā Puna Mihinare is an initiative of the Archbishops and Primates of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Through Ngā Puna Mihinare, we seek to respond proactively to the COVID-19 pandemic by being a source of ‘living water’ – providing much-needed comfort and spiritual restoration for the people, providing guidance and education, affirming the nurture and protection of life through faith, hope, and love; and helping people to stay alive and hopeful


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