Faith in Quarantine

With whare karakia or places of worship around the country now closed, Bishop Eleanor Sanderson, alongside other religious New Zealanders, shared how she and others were adjusting and what they believe the pandemic means.

“The Wellington Anglican Diocese has been live-streaming its services to thousands of viewers.

“There are creative ways that we can be with each other and support those who are unwell, and also clearly stay within social isolation.” – Bp Eleanor Sanderson.

“In antiquity, Christians are well known for taking care of the sick, despite the risk to themselves, but Wellington’s Assistant Bishop, Eleanor Sanderson, says Anglicans must follow the government’s requirements.

“Eleanor Sanderson says times like these often lead to people asking big questions of their religion. “I only encourage people to keep it simple. From a Christian perspective, God loves the world and God loves each person and nothing in the world as it is, or in the world as it may come to be, can separate us from that love….”

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